Simple Layout

Our Apps are designed in a very simple and systematic layout for the ease of usage.

Light Weight

Our Digitruk Apps is one of light-weighted apps that can be operated on any Android device.


Apps are customize-able according to the requirement to optimize the usage of the users

Easily Integrated

Digitruk platform can be easily integrated with any system or company main platform.

What is Digitruk Apps?

Digitruk is a Digital B2B (Business to Business) Platform or well know as an Integrated Apps that connects 3 main parties trucking or logistics industry. The 3 parties in logistics industry are the Pricinple (Sender), Vendor (Transporter or fleet provider) and Driver. The integral dynamic operation of the 3 parties could be supported in our Digitruk Apps.


Whether you are Principles (Senders) who required the logistic services, Do not hesitate to use our APPS for your deliveries visibility or Vendors (Transporter), you could acquire our APPS Services to manage your Drivers as well as your fleet management system.

Visible is Possible

Online Order Management

Status Update

Job Management

Real Time

Vendor and Driver Management

Why Choose Us

Apps for the-3 Key Players in Logistic Industry

Digitruk apps is made for the convenience and visibility of logistics parties to execute the whole process of logistic activities especially for an integrated logistic function starting from the trucking system.

Thus, our apps is made and provided as a modern platform to ensure Visibility that connects Principle (Sender) with Vendor (Transporter or fleet provider) as well as connects to Driver (As the last participants in the system).

Principle (Sender)

For Principle (Sender); Digitruk provides 2 main platforms for the fleet ordering and fleet monitoring system.

1. Admin Web Platform

This platform to enable Principle to request a fleet or truck based on the load requirement and scheduling to the assigned logistic provider (Vendor) and to work on other administration requirements for the particular orders, documents creation as well as other types of reporting requirements.

2. Principle Android Apps

Digitruk Android apps enable Principle (sender) to execute and to monitor the whole process cycle of delivery and to view the STATUS update of delivery from the point of planning till the point of completion. It allows mobility and visibility for the users.

Vendor (Transporter or Fleet Provider)

Vendor (Transporter); Digitruk provides two types of platform to helps and enable Vendor (Transporter) to manage the incoming order from their customer and to manage the fleet as well as resources as well as the drivers assignment and availability.

1. Vendor Web Admin

Vendor (Transporter) is a platform for Resource Management Planning which transporter could register the trucks and fleet used, types of trucks and fleet, as well as registering the drivers. The platform also enable transporter to manage the whole fleet system as well as the whole trucking operating system.

2. Vendor Android Apps

Our Vendor Android apps, it enablesTranport Planner or Account Officer to assign job to drivers and to get the updated location over a certain job order and the location of the driver. This apps is a mobile apps that allows the management and visibility over the job order at any convenient time


The Drivers under the vendors could update the work status and position, It would be beneficial for location and job status update,

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