Features for Vendor Android Apps

Order Management and Assignment

Digitruk Vendor Apps enables Vendor’s Account officer or transport planner to manage order sent by Principle (Sender) through Android Mobile Apps.

Fleet Management

Our apps enable Vendor’s Transport Planner to manage and to plan the availability of fleet and to manage day-to-day fleet management operations.

Driver Management

Enable Vendors (Transporter) to manage drivers, drivers’ availability, and drivers’ job assignment to a particular orders and to particular truck.

Drivers' Live Location

Vendor (Transporter) apps enable vendor’s admin to track the live location of driver for security and accountability purposes.

Order Tracking and Status

Enable Vendor (Transporter) to track each job order and to monitor each order status. The purpose is ensure each stages of delivery process is being completed on time and accurately.

Information Center

Vendor (Transporter) admin will be connected to both Digitruk’s Admin and Principle’s admin for information regarding a certain order or information regarding the usage of the apps.


Vendor (Transporter) apps will give notification when there is new job order or assignment from the Principle (Sender) as well as notification on each job order updates from the designated drivers.

Proof of Delivery

Every Proof of Delivery documents that are uploaded by Driver would be updated on Vendor (Transporter) admin system. On the apps, admin will be able to file and to view each Proof of Delivery Image.

Many More Other Features

Our Vendor (Transporter) Apps comes with many more other features.

Vendor Web Platform

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Features for Vendor Web Platform

Fleet Management

Vendor (Transporter) web platform comes with module to import or add truck information, truck status and to view trucks’ availability.

Dashboard and Reporting

On Vendor (Transporter) Web Platform, we provide Dashboard and reporting tools that could customize types of reporting according to business requirements.

Realtime Location and History

Transporter (Vendor) could track all orders location based on vendors or based on each job order on web admin platform. And will also be able to track location based on each check point status.


Vendor (Transporter) web platform is able to facilitate three ways communication as such communication to Digitruk Admin, Principle Admin as well as Driver.

Multiple Admin Users

Vendor (Transporter) web platform is enabled for multiple admin users so that job orders could be assigned and fleet could be arranged for a job order.

Many More Other Features

Our Vendor (Transporter) Web Platform comes with many more other features.